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Cupboard to Alcove

So the green dining room that was, had quite a large ugly cupboard in the corner.

I couldn’t work out if it was useful or if it just meant I would clutter it. The best thing to do would be to remove the doors and see what I was left with. The doors came off easily and inside was a disgusting old blue wallpaper that just wasn’t fit for purpose with half the border missing didn’t look pretty either. Do I just cover it up or get rid of it?

Well the answer was simple and with some muscle and a handy steamer, the wallpaper was no more. The door frame also didn’t leave much of a mark which was useful for someone that hasn’t had much practice at plastering.

The skirting board was looking OK, But had been cut to allow for the cupboard frame. This came out as well and the single power socket was replaced for a double point with USB slots to bring the house into the 21st Century.

Looking at the space that had been opened up and seeing the flooring had been continued was a bonus. It meant that this space was ideal just to make the room feel bigger.

We chose a luxury new wallpaper to bring the colour in the table and the floor into the walls and added 3 offset shelves. The result is stunning. Unfortunately due to the position of the chimney we’re stuck without lighting above, but with a candle on a shelf it brings out the trees better.

I am stunned with the result and it has just made the room feel like a wonderful place to entertain. I can’t decide what needs to go on the floor (a basket or trunk or something like a bench)...

The below will depend on your circumstances:

Things I needed:

• wallpaper steamer

• scrapper

• hammer drill

• power drill

• brush

• sandpaper

• gloss & wall paint

• wallpaper & paste

• decorator’s caulk

• thin wood trim

• screws & wall plugs

• shelves

• vacuum

• filler

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